Behka | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 29, 2018

Behka | Review - Bandook

Review by Bryan Durham

SONG: #Behka
FILM: #HighJack
MUSIC: Nucleya and Vibha Saraf
LYRICS: Vibha Saraf

If you’ve seen the trailer of High Jack, you’ll be aware that a DJ manages to get passengers on a plane high on substance while mid-air.
At around the same time, disgruntled employees of the airline (shutting down and so this would be its last flight) decide to hijack a plane and go #fullfail.
Sumeet Vyas plays the DJ in question. He tries to make sense of his surroundings as he tries to wear down his high.
Singer Vibha Saraf, who is also the song’s lyricist and co-composer, starts out promisingly.
This is a Nucleya song only his “real” fans will enjoy. The drop, followed by the vocal chopping is slightly underwhelming.
The visuals have been edited well and the concept does excite a little interest.


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