Badshah amps up a track by 14-member Now United

By Bryan Durham - December 19, 2018

Badshah, Now United, music video

Pop groups galore make videos on Indian streets quite often. But gotta ask this: how often does a Simon Fuller-created 14-member singing-dancing band (with members from 14 countries) that’s not even a year old, land a song with India’s biggest rapper?

The correct answer is not very often. With the release of the recently released How We Do it featuring Badshah, Now United (which features an Indian member in Shivani Paliwal), it is hoped that we’re repped in some way organically on the international scene in a young up-and-coming band making waves this year.

The song itself is in the classic pop mould, checking off every single tried-and-tested trick in the book. It helps that the group is young, fresh-faced and raring to go.

Filmed in Mumbai, the video doesn’t appropriate, but rather tries to blend in. Badshah does his thang the best way he can. It’s a slickly shot and edited video with adequate shots of locals behaving like it’s just another day in Maximum City. Until, well, the internet decides to make it viral.

Strike that. IF the internet decides to make it viral. Until then, this one’s gonna simmer (as opposed to bubbling over) till it fizzes out.

Watch the video here…


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