Baby, I’m A Queen | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 20, 2018

Baby, I’m A Queen | Review - Bandook

Review by Bryan Durham

SONG: Baby, I’m A Queen

The video opens in what is most likely modelled on an episode of Dance Moms or a school talent hunt.
Each child contestant performs their act while the duo watches on and later, takes the stage to belt out their own song, which BTW, will appear on their upcoming album #Treehouse.
Listen to the lyrics. The video may feel child-friendly, but the lyrical theme is actually a mature one.
Either way, the chorus hooks you right in and gets your feet tapping.
The song serves to prove yet again that Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern are consistently good at what they do.
If ‘Best Friend’ didn’t reel you in, this cutesy power-anthem most definitely should.


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