Armaan Malik: I’ve not been okay for a while now

By Bryan Durham - March 27, 2019

Armaan Malik: I’ve not been okay for a while now

Everybody we know goes through a different struggle. Some more apparent than others. Most live their days bringing smiles to others with their art, choosing to deal with their personal demons privately. Soon, something triggers a revelation. And with that revelation comes a flurry of reactions from those close to you — most supportive, others just plain shocked.

And if you’re an Armaanian (Armaan Malik’s fan army is called that), that concern escalates tenfold. Knowing how engaged with their idol’s every tweet they are, the one posted today morning would’ve hit them like a bolt from the blue. Here’s what he shared…

Armaan’s seen the dizzying heights of superstardom for a while now. At 23, he holds quite a few records, firsts and is living the dream. Dubbed ‘The Prince of Romance’ or ‘Prince AM’ by his fans, he’s no stranger to adulation and how to deal with it. If you’ve been following his tweets, his gyaan sessions via his ‘Baba AM’ alter-ego will betray a wisdom beyond his years.

Which is why, when he spoke about “not being okay for a while”, it sent alarm bells ringing across his fandom. For someone who’s very active on social media, performing and recording music, he seems like a boundless bundle of energy.

But now, his revelation, triggered in part by Justin Bieber’s recent post on “battling a lot of internal issues” shows that despite his own internal issues, one has to be strong enough to fight their battles by themselves (of course, with support from those they love). He reveals what worked in getting him through “a lot of my low phases” was being “super-patient” and trying his best to “be positive”.

If our intuition about AM tells us anything, he’s going to fight his battles (whatever they are) and emerge from this experience stronger than ever.

Our best wishes are with him!


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