Are ‘Buzz’ stars Aastha Gill and Priyank Sharma dating?

By Bryan Durham - August 1, 2018

Are ‘Buzz’ stars Aastha Gill and Priyank Sharma dating?

Priyank Sharma and Aastha Gill in Buzz

Ever since Buzz released, Aastha Gill and Priyank Sharma have been shipped to no end. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re both young, good-looking and share such great chemistry on screen and off it.

One just had to see the warmth they share during promotions to see that they’ve become such good friends. Now, months after the track’s release, they still comment on each other’s posts on social media.

Granted, that’s what friends do. But hey, they’re both single and we’re guessing, ready to mingle, so don’t blame us for trying to see beyond the obvious.

But let’s get to the moment of truth. Are Aastha and Priyank dating? Given what we know about the two at this point, the answer is…. NO.


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