Anushka is ‘reborn’ as Nuka

By Bryan Durham - June 20, 2018

Anushka is ‘reborn’ as Nuka

The singer releases music video under new alias

Anushka Manchanda is back with a new project and a new alias: Nuka. The artist, who’s now a music producer and editor as well, has just outed her new music video called ‘Don’t Be Afraid’.

The music video starts out on a melancholy note. With Nuka lying on a funeral pyre while her loved ones mourn before consigning her to the flames. Her brother and father feature in the video and immerse her ashes in the sea.

But the moment the ashes hit the water, she’s reborn. She sheds off her old skin, everything that once held her down and becomes one with nature. The transformation, while starkly beautiful, is also a captivating experience.

However, one feels that though the lyrics convey the required emotions, the music drowns out some of the words. That aside, it’s an overall experience you cannot miss.

Check out the video here:


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