Ankur’s ‘Mera Sunday’ is a kid-friendly ‘Lazy Song’

By Bryan Durham - June 1, 2018

Ankur’s ‘Mera Sunday’ is a kid-friendly ‘Lazy Song’

Channelling Bruno Mars and Wes Anderson vibes, the new track is about doing what you want and basically owning the day

Ankur Tewari’s ‘Mera Sunday’ from his album Bachcha Party Vol 2 is out and the track feels like the kid-friendly version of Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song. Purely, vibe-wise, though. The video (directed by Shaizad Bharucha), on the other hand, feels like it’s referencing Wes Anderson (and we mean that in a nice way).

Set at a camp, the video features child actor Drashti Bhanushali hanging Ankur out to dry, using him as a punching bag, as a stove-top and finally, as a portrait model.

Sidd Coutto’s production of the track underscores just how laidback a Sunday can get. The lyrics are infinitely hummable and after a point, get stuck in your head.

Ankur doesn’t mind being at the centre of it all and you can see him enjoy himself to the hilt as the song gets on with its business.

If you find this video incredibly cute and something kids will love, it’s because Shaizad has an abundance of experience working with children on TV spots and commercials.

Check it out here




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