Anil Kapoor: I eat Ranveer Singh for breakfast

By Bryan Durham - February 19, 2019

The veteran actor on the secret of his indefatigable energy

Anil Kapoor: I eat Ranveer Singh for breakfast

Anil Kapoor totally killed it at the Mirchi Music Awards 2019 with his charisma. The film actor also bagged the Bollywood Face of the Icon Hits Award at the event

We want to share a few revelations from the biggest music night of India. Sonu Nigam, who was hosting the show, had a hilarious conversation with Mr Jhakaas himself on his “eating habits” given his endless energy levels.”

” Aap khaane mein kya khate ho?” came the question, with a quick rejoinder, “Bulb khaate ho, tubelight khate ho?” as reasons for his extravagant energy on stage.

Anil Kapoor had a BRILLIANT comeback. Spotting Ranveer Singh in the audience (he won the Royal Stag Make It Large award that night), he blurted, “Aaj kal toh mai breakfast mein RANVEER SINGH khata hoon.”

That reply brought the house down. Anil added, “My energy is doubled nowadays because of Ranveer Singh.”

Now you know what to include in your diet to have JHAKAAS energy like Anil Kapoor.


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