All the Luka Chuppi tracks are re-creations!

By Bryan Durham - February 21, 2019

Gayi originality khadde mein!

All the Luka Chuppi tracks are re-creations!
Oh God! So many remixes?!

Bollywood has hit a new low with our sources confirming that all songs of the eagerly awaited Luka Chuppi are re-creations. While some reports suggest that the number is five in all, we’ve heard that there are six songs in the trackless, but until the complete soundtrack drops, we won’t know for sure.

What we do know, however, is that all the songs on the LC album are re-creations. YES! ALL OF THEM.

The first single to release was Poster Lagwa Do, with Aflatoon’s Yeh Khabar Chapwa Do being the original. White Noise Studios (by Sachin-Jigar) were behind the re-creation.

The second was Coca Cola Tu, which, as everyone knows was a Tony Kakkar original, re-created by Tanishk Bagchi

The third was the 2016 hit Punjabi single Photo by Karan Sehmbi, again re-created by Tanishk Bagchi.

The fourth LC release was Tu Laung Main Elaachi which saw Tulsi Kumar replace Mannat Noor (who sang Laung Laachi for the Punjabi film of the same name).

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the next track will be the last to release for the film, which releases March 1.

The fifth track is called Duniya (most likely the re-creation of the Punjabi hit Khaabby Akhil) and going by the credits in the film’s first trailer, will be re-composed by Abhijit Vaghani. Take a look at the original till then…

But our sources tell us that there will be a sixth track as well. If and when this one drops, no-one knows.

Re-creations have moved on from being the exception to becoming the rule. We all laughed when the frequency of re-creations increased, but the joke’s on us when awards shows have now deemed it necessary to include re-created songs as a separate category.

Because let’s face it, if done well (or even if they don’t do as well as expected), re-creations are lapped up by the general audience today.

Our concern at one point used to be the extent to which songs were changed to classify as a re-creation. Now we’re more worried about the frequency. Last year alone, Bollywood had 50+ re-creations.

LC producer Dinesh Vijan called it a “curated album” adding, “It blends with the theme of our film. I believe instead of putting one song in each film, it’s better to put them all in one. For the Punjabi songs, we have gone ahead with the original singers as the idea is to also give them a national platform to showcase their talent,” in an interview with Mumbai Mirror.

His reason for resorting to re-creations sounds coherent. “With so many films releasing in a year, it’s difficult to stand out and so, using familiar sounds serves the purpose,”, he told the paper.

From a producer’s perspective, it sounds reasonable, but the fact that it sets a bad precedent to an already hopeless situation, makes us wanna throw that defence out the window!


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