All my superhit songs have Gujarati girls in them: Darshan Raval

By Bryan Durham - February 12, 2019

All my superhit songs have Gujarati girls in them: Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval’s Bhula Diya is already off the 15-million-view mark in four days! The teen heartthrob’s latest Valentine’s Day Special is special to him for many reasons, as we found out over the course of a phone conversation.
Here are snippets from our recent conversation with him

How was it working on this different concept for the video?

It was amazing. I grew boring of following the routine way of making videos of love songs. We decided to add a beautiful element to that routine. When you see this song, you feel dreamy, you feel loved, you wanna fall in love. If you’re in love, you feel out of this world. All in all, I had a great time shooting this video.

Any concerns while shooting this video?

Technically, it was a little difficult to shoot this music video because it isn’t inspired by any other music video. It was just an idea. We had no clue how the end visuals were going to look. It came from our imagination, we thought that something like this was possible and started working on it. Till the VFX came in, we had no idea how the video was going to look. I had my concerns because for example, I had to shoot the painting scenes at least three times. So yes, it was difficult as I had to imagine that someone was dancing for me and had to emote accordingly. But Krishna (Marimuthu, the video director) really helped me in that.

What was different this time around?

None of my previous song videos have had VFX. There was a whole team on the shooting floor for the VFX guidance as well as to get the feel right.

Pick up any tips from Krishna?

He really helped through the entirety of making this video. Throughout the making, he helped me act and perform in front of an imaginary person. Yashwanth has choreographed the entire song. We all did a lot of rehearsals prior and we had to fly down to Hyderabad, do the entire rehearsals there and come back. I had a great team that helped me for this shoot. We were very well-prepared for the shoot.

How many people from the Karma Theme video were part of this video?

I think the entire creative team was the same. It was a huge big-budget music video with big sets, a complete roller-coaster shoot for two days. We had around 150-200 people on the set working as a team. A huge unit was shooting this video. I felt as if we were shooting a big-budget movie song or a movie scene.

Is this your most expensive video yet?

Definitely, yes.

How did Namrata Sheth get picked for the role?

We were really clear that we wanted someone who could emote well and do the dance as well. If you’ve seen the video, there’s a beautiful ballet dance Namrata is performing to. We weren’t looking for a regular dancer, but someone trained in ballet. We got her on board and now you see, because of her, I also look like a dancer. Even then, she too had to do a lot of hard work, go to a lot of rehearsals. In all, we got Namrata because she could dance and act beautifully and she has a very pretty, very photogenic face.

What was your first meeting with her like?

The first time we met was during the rehearsals. Everybody knows I get very nervous because I feel that I cannot dance, but Yashwanth made this experience truly amazing. He observed my body movements and customised the steps for me. So, it became very easy and she was fun-loving. We had fun and somehow also got that Gujju connection going. I think all my superhit songs have Gujarati girls in it, nah?

For sure.

Even Tera Zikr had Malhar Rathod, who is also a Gujarati. And now this.. I think I should recommend some Gujaratis for the bandook team (laughs).

You do that. So, how long back did you sit with Anurag Saikia and AM Turaz to flesh out the song?

The genesis of the song started long back. Perhaps, six-seven months before. I started posting videos with Anurag and Turaz and those who follow me know this as I posted videos with Turaz on Instagram when we were recording the strings for the song. So two-three months for video and audio, six-seven months in all.

Do you offer inputs when a video is being made for your songs?

I am completely a director’s actor. But there are a few things that I inform the director about. My personal character, what I am like in real life and what I have been doing and that’s all. Rest, I prefer the director to decide how he wants to take it forward. I’m definitely scared of doing intimate scenes because of my fans. So, I definitely tell the director that if you want to do intimate scenes, it’s all on your risk.

Have you had any real-life ‘incidents’ like this in lifts?

I usually never have such beautiful encounters with girls in a lift. I wish the lift would stop if something like this happens to me, I’d like the lift to stop for five-six hours. I remember one weird incident, though. My greatest fear is of lizards. I was in a lift once, saw a lizard and couldn’t get out as she was just above me. I was shouting for help in the lift and when the door closed, I shouted again. I wish I could have beautiful encounters with beautiful girls in the lift. All I could get was an ugly lizard.


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