Akhil Sachdeva: I write for the classes as well as for the masses

By Bryan Durham - February 24, 2020

Akhil Sachdeva: I write for the classes as well as for the masses
Akhil Sachdeva

Akhil Sachdeva’s Channa Ve is the only song in Bhoot: Part One and the singer-lyricist-composer is delighted at this fact and that the song has turned out just the way he envisioned it. He shares how the song forms and integral part of the film and why it needed to have a “happier vibe” than he is usually known for.

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What was the brief given to you about making Channa Ve?

Well, there was no brief as such given to me for making Channa Ve for Bhoot. I was shown and given some cuts of the video that would be used with the song. Based on that, it was left to me to make the song. All they wanted was a big-sounding, happy but emotional song with soul which defines me and my music, but has to be a little on the happier, peppier side. Tera Ban Jaunga (Kabir Singh) was very passionate, very deep. Same with Humsafar (Badrinath Ki Dulhania). With Channa Ve, I had to define the emotional connect between the two characters and that’s a very important part of the film. I’m glad I was able to deliver.

How invested were you in the storytelling of Bhoot through the lyrics of Channa Ve?

I think Channa Ve being the only song in the whole film…the very moment where the song comes… it defines that whole emotional connect between Bhumi and Vicky’s characters, the marriage, the fact that they will have a kid soon, the love and affection that this family shares, etc. Then comes the moment that changes their life forever. It’s the only place where the emotional connect between these characters has been shown. And I think Channa Ve depicts that accurately.

Did it at all bother you that Channa Ve is one of the most overused titles in Punjabi songs?

To be honest, I never get bothered about the usage of the words or things like that. Yes, I’m sure that Channa is a word used very frequently, especially in Punjabi, but so are other words. We have limited words after all, specially when it comes to depicting romance or love. It’s about how you use those words and do justice to the usage of those words.
Also, I write very simple, relatable words… I mean, it’s there for the classes as well as the masses. I remember the way I used Channa, because one of the shots Shashank (Khaitan, co-producer) showed to me, in which Bhumi (Pednekar) is standing in a room upstairs and Vicky is waiting for her downstairs with his friend. He looks up to her. And I think that’s where the word came to my mind because let’s face it, at night when you look up to the sky, all you want to see is the chaand (the moon). So yeah, Channa Ve comes from there.

Why did you choose Mansheel Gujral for this song? How do you pick the singers you want for songs?

Well, Mansheel made her big Bollywood debut with my Humsafar for Badrinath Ki Dulhania in 2017. So I knew her voice. Also, we’ve done so many shows together and she’s got a very strong voice and you know, she complements my voice a lot. In this song too, Shashank and I decided we needed a female voice to start the song with a an alaap or something. It’s the same team of Humsafar that’s made Channa Ve. That’s another factor I wanted to keep in mind: it’s a superhit team that we have.

You’ve composed, written the lyrics for and sung Channa Ve. Ever feel the fatigue of being a one-man army?

Around 95 per cent of my songs are written, composed and sung by me. I think it all comes naturally to me. And when a creator himself/herself does the song completely, it’s an amazing vibe only. It’s their baby, their product and they understand the emotions and expressions correctly. I’m glad I’m able to do it and I believe it’s God’s way of telling me. That’s how He wants things for me, that’s the path He’s created for me, so I’ll leave it all to God.

From what we hear, Channa Ve is poised to be the only song off the Bhoot: Part One OST. Can you confirm this? If yes, how does it feel being the voice of what could potentially be a franchise?

Yes, you heard it right. Channa Ve is the sole song from the film, Bhoot: Part One. It’s an amazing feeling, because it’s just that one particular moment, that very important situation in the film that turns everything around. It has a very special message and only in this song, as I said earlier, the bonding between all the characters and  when it changes, how and why it affects Vicky is being shown here because they were deeply in love with each other. Yes, I’m proud to be associated with Dharma, Shashank, and Bhanu, who’s the director, it’s his debut film. All my best wishes to him, I think he’s done a fantastic job and I’m glad to be the voice of this franchise. I’m sure I’ll be part of the sequel as well doing a song or two, you never know!

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