A case of “accidental coincidence”: ‘Kithe’ and ‘Bazaar’

By Bryan Durham - July 1, 2020

It might be an ‘accident’al coincidence, but it was surprising to see the music videos of two Punjabi songs out today feature durghatnas: Vishal Mishra’s Kithe and Afsana Khan’s Bazaar. The connections don’t stop there.

A case of “accidental coincidence”: ‘Kithe’ and ‘Bazaar’

One features the lead-up to an accident (Bazaar), the other the aftermath of one (Kithe). One features infidelity (Bazaar), the other a love that will not die (Kithe). Both videos feature at least one actor — Himanshi Khurana for Bazaar and Ishita Dutta for Kithe — with some connection to the world of television.

A case of “accidental coincidence”: ‘Kithe’ and ‘Bazaar’

Both female protagonists lose their minds — one after facing infidelity and one after discovering that her one true love is dead.

However, one thing that distinctly separates the two is the treatment. Kithe presents the singer grandiosely and is shot on a much larger canvas, Bazaar doesn’t go as all-out, letting the story of infidelity play out like it has in several music videos before, leaving the focus solely on the lead pair. 

A case of “accidental coincidence”: ‘Kithe’ and ‘Bazaar’

The lyrics could not be more poles apart. Babbu’s beautiful lyrics display a startling economy letting Vishal’s music be the hero while Abeer loves spelling it out with words that provoke you to read between the lines.

Bazaar’s Sandeep Singh is still a somewhat unknown entity in Punjabi music videos while Kithe’s Navjit Buttar is one of the names (Arvindr Khaira being the other) behind the videos of Harrdy Sandhu’s Soch and Joker. 

Another fun connection: Bazaar’s Himanshi also features in Navjit’s Soch.

Small world, huh?


Watch KITHE here

…and BAZAAR here


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