6 performances, 3 standing ovations

By Bryan Durham - March 5, 2018

All the five songs nominated for Best Original Song played on movies’ biggest night. And while Remember Me took home the award in that category, it was Keala Settle’s ‘This Is Me’ that won our hearts. Here’s how we ranked the performances of the night.

6. Mystery Of Love – Call Me By Your Name OST
Sufjan Stevens
Stevens takes this up in a almost hymnal fashion backed by three guitars, vocal harmonies, an ukulele and one piano (Chris ThileSt. VincentMoses Sumney, Casey Foubert and James McAlister). Over too soon, though. And that’s a pity.

5. Remember Me – Coco OST
Gael Garcia BernalNatalia Lafourcade Oficial and Miguel
The second performance saw Gael backed by acoustic guitar giving a stripped-down, soulful rendition, which then bursts into full-blown colour as Natalia and Miguel take over. Each holds its own charm for varying audiences. But for those of us watching it live, felt a little like a late bloomer. Kudos for bravely starting off with Gael, though.

4. Room At The Top
Eddie Vedder singing a #TomPetty hit
Pearl Jam frontman Eddie singing during the In Memoriam segment was poignant enough. But the lump-in-the-throat moment came when The Academy included #Bollywood actress Sridevi, who passed away last week. Also featuring in the segment was the late Shashi Kapoor.

3. Stand Up For Something – #Marshall OST
Common & Andra Day
The standout monologue that leads-in to the Marshall song by Common includes this line ‘Tell the NRA they’re in God’s way’ and sent a shoutout to the community affected by the shooting in Parkland Florida in a politically charged song, accompanied by Andra Day. ‘We need you to stand up for what you believe in’ is a powerful message indeed.

2. Mighty River – Mudbound OST
Mary J. Blige
The opening performance of the night was quite a rousing one. Set against a sombre backdrop, she unleashed an electrifying rendition backed by a clapping choir. All in all, low on production, but high on vocal prowess. Just as well, it sure was a wake-up call in our side of the world, as we heard it live first thing in the morning.

1. This Is Me – The Greatest Showman OST
Keala Settle
If this full-throated blast of power didn’t blow you over as it builds from a whisper to a roar, Keala’s tears before the triumph is a moment to be experienced, rather than explained. Quite simply THE performance of the night.


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