5 things that Zayn’s new tattoo looks like

By Bandook - March 20, 2018

5 things that Zayn’s new tattoo looks like - Bandook

5 things that Zayn’s new tattoo looks like
It most definitely doesn’t look like a  things that Zayn’s new tattoo looks like" width="16" height="16" />?

1. A choti/shendi:
Hindus attach religious significance to this knot of hair. It stays even if they get the rest of their head tonsured.

2. A port that lets you access The Matrix
Remember when Neo first gets introduced to The Matrix? And finds out he’s been hooked to a system and that more disturbingly has a hole in his head?

3. A soft-serve dripping
Sounds cool, but isn’t because of the ‘burn’. Either way, not the look you should be going for, Zayn.

4. A lotus
India’s national flower. And the BJP symbol. Is this Zayn’s way of endorsing the PM?

5. A full-stop that became a comma
Let’s assume he wanted to cover up a previous tattoo artistically within a square, then thought better of it and went for this?


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