5 things you need to know about Ed Sheeran’s wedding

By Bandook - August 28, 2018

Whenever it happens, that is!

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Ed Sheeran’s relationship status (is he married to his fiancée Cherry Seaborn or not?) became a talking point as the star fielded fan questions during an Instagram takeover of Drop4Drop.

He neither confirmed nor denied the speculation, cryptically letting out a “Maybe, it’s already happened”, when asked about the date of the wedding.

He has since issued a clarification vide an interview with Entertainment Tonight where readers can figure out the dos and don’ts of his wedding preparations. Here are five takeaways from that interview

1. He wants a very intimate wedding with a very few people to share his special moment with: He stated – “I don’t like large groups of people at the best of times so… I never wanted a wedding that was lots of people.”
2. He also signaled that maybe getting married in the backyard would have a “good vibe”.
3. Ed Sheeran WILL NOT perform at his own wedding!
4. He does not want any of his famous musician friends to either!
5. He would prefer someone rather “unknown” to sing at his wedding.

Well, even though we unfortunately aren’t on the invite list, we at least have a hint about how it will be / was!


WRITTEN BY Pariddhi Bajoria


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