5 singers who hid ‘revelations’ in their songs

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - July 5, 2018

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Reading between their words: Decoding ‘hints’ in popular tracks

It is well known that singers throw shade on others through their songs, or music videos, Some grudges go so deep that they become an entire album. Here is a list of five singers who made entire albums revealing things they have never confirmed in the public eye, and left us baffled.

Taylor Swift never fails us and we expect the obvious from her – which is writing songs about people she doesn’t like (read: ex-lovers). “Look What You Made Me Do” saw Swift addressing her drama with Kanye West and the conflict over his song “Famous.” One lyric suggests, “I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately/if only you weren’t so shady,” which mentions the public fall-out Kanye had with Jay Z, who also called out West on his most recent album, 4:44. She also hints at the Swift, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston love triangle when she sings, “With three of us, honey, it’s a sideshow.” And this is nothing. Each song has at least one reference stuck to it.

Currently trending, Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ has shocking reveals of its own. Drake confirms he has a son on at least three songs off the latest album. In ‘Emotionless, he raps, “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world/I was hidin’ the world from my kid.”
On “8 Out of 10,” he says: “Kiss my son on the forehead.” “March 14,” explains how paternity has been for him so far. “Yesterday morning was crazy/I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe,” he raps.
There is also a rumoured (and totally unconfirmed) romance between Drake and model Bella Hadid. He sings in ‘Finesse’, “You and your sister/Too hot to handle.” This can be a reference to Bella’s sister, Gigi, who is also a model. He also raps, “I’m going against my own advice. Should I do New York? I can’t decide/Fashion Week is more your thing than mine.” Bella is known for walking the ramp on New York Fashion week multiple times. In ‘Sandra’s Rose’, he sings, “My house is full of supermodels just like Mohamed Hadid.” Mohamed Hadid, in case you didn’t know it, happens to be Bella’s father.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new album, Everything Is Love primarily focuses on two aspects of the Carters: their marriage and their overwhelming success.
In “Lovehappy,” Beyonce sings, “You” messed “up the first stone, we had to get remarried.” This hints at Jay-Z’s infidelity and how they still going strong after that phase. Beyonce sings, “The ups and downs are worth it / Long way to go but we’re working / We’re flawed but we’re still perfect for each other, yeah yeah / Sometimes I thought we’d never see the light / We went through hell with heaven on our side / This beach ain’t always been no paradise.” In Ape-shit, the music video shows teenagers kneeling in the same way the NFL will not allow its players during the national anthem. It tells us about racial discrimination and black culture in the most glamorous way possible, through art.

We all know how sad The Weeknd was when his new album, My Dear Melancholy came out. Referencing Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, his album is full of lyrics that talk about both the girls he fell in love with and they eventually broke his heart.
He sings, “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life” which included a life-risking kidney transplant as he was ready to give up one of his kidneys to help save her life.
But when the romance with Bieber happened again in her life, Weeknd sang, “Guess I was just another pit stop / Until you made up your mind / You wasted my time,” as he realised that he was just a rebound for her.
Back to Bella, he kicks things off by suggesting that actually, Gomez was for him what he was for her. A rebound. He regrets the split with Bella as he sings, “Wasted times I spent with someone else / She wasn’t even half of you.”
That is quite a messed up romance right there.

Ariana Grande’s first song since the Manchester Arena attack ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ is a reference to her emotional state since the tragedy. In the music video, the connection has been proven. At the very end, she throws a ball to her dog, which transforms into a bee. The insect is a symbol of the Manchester city, and as the Manchester Evening News explained, the worker bee became a symbol of Manchester during the Industrial Revolution. The city’s textile mills were referred to as “hives of activity” and the workers in them as “bees.” So it also tells us how Ariana has “no tears left to cry” after the tragedy. The city recognised her by making her an honorary citizen of Manchester.


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