5 reasons why #InMyFeelingsChallenge will never work in Mumbai

By Bryan Durham - July 17, 2018

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Or India for that matter…Drake’s viral dance challenge (also dubbed the #ShiggyChallenge) won’t work here!

Unless Ranveer Singh steps out of his car and stops traffic (literally!), we don’t see the #InMyFeelingsChallenge aka #ShiggyChallenge, inspired by Drake’s new song ‘In My Feelings’ taking off in Mumbai (or India, for that matter), any time soon.

Because, let’s face it, nobody else has the balls to stroll out of a moving car, break into killer dance moves and get back in, in one swift motion. NOBODY.

And it’s not that we have a lack of good dancers or daredevils in Bollywood or India. It’s just… well, we’ll break into our five reasons already. Here goes…

Forget the moon, we have potholes the size of craters on our roads. Getting out of a moving car is anyway injurious to your health, couple that with the pothole problem and you’re as good as dead.

Have you seen the traffic, bruh? Even in cities like ours where the traffic police go out of their way to ensure you have a smooth four-hour journey commuting to work, when you could just as easily have made it in two, there’s a good chance that when you get out of a moving car, you’re gonna get hit by another. Or a speeding bike, maybe.

What happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object? Yeah, you know you should have spent more time in physics class, right?

We’re kinda missing flash mobs. You never know, if you see someone dancing in the middle of the road, you’ll feel inclined to join in. We’re like this only.

Mumbai is famous for its khau-gallis (food-streets) in every suburb. We stop at whatever stall catches our fancy (mostly for a quick vada-pav sesh) and sway as we handle that hot ball of dough-and-potatoes. Knowing our talent for being over-competitive, we just might escalate the challenge and get a quick bite out of it while swaying to Drake. Not the smartest thing to do, but hey, who said this challenge was??


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