5 facts: Priya Varrier, the Winking Girl

By Bandook - February 16, 2018


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At this point, Priya Prakash Varrier) is several things. She’s a ‘National Crush’, she’s the ‘Pyaar Dhokha Hai’ girl, the one who melts ‘sakht launde’ (tough guys) with a wink and a smile.

But the Oru Adaar Love debutante from Thrissur in Kerala is more than just that. At 19, (according to some reports), she has created an Indian record on Instagram. Thanks to that one scene in the Malayalam film’s music video, she has amassed over 600+ followers in one day.

She is also a singer, model and dancer.

PS: Another fun fact you won’t find in the video. The composer of the song this scene features in, is Shaan Rahman. You know… the guy behind ‘Jimmiki Kammal’, another song that went viral.


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