5 Facts About Nikhita Gandhi’s New Music Video The ‘Raabta’ singer dishes out those facts herself!

By Bandook - February 15, 2018

Tumi Aamar is Nikhita Gandhi’s latest non-film single (it’s in Bengali and it’s about #Khadi!) and it’s up on her YouTube channel. A lilting modern melody, it also serves as an ad jingle. Good friend Shashwat Singh has programmed and arranged the music and produced the video as well. Industry veteran Sunny M.R. has mixed and mastered. No wonder then, it sounds so good.
But there’s more and who better than the duo behind Tumi Aamar to tell us about their latest labour of love!

1. “Not everyone in the ad or the single is a model,” offers Shashwat. “One is a drummer and another is a corporate employee”, adds Nikhita.
2. The reason it launched on Republic Day is also because it was an ad jingle they did for the Village & Industry Board of Bengal for khadi.
3. It was only supposed to be for the ad, the producers ended up liking it as a
4. Sunny MR, one of the biggest music producers in Bollywood helped. A lot. Even in the dubbing of the track.
5. This is Shashwat and Nikhita’s first project “from scratch”. Says the singer, “Which means that I wrote the song, I sang the song. Shashwat produced the song and the video. This is the first time I’ve acted in the video, which is also a commercial. Which is pretty weird and cool.”

And as Nikhita added, this is “the first of so many things”. Looking forward…


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