3 Storey | Music Review

By Bryan Durham - March 1, 2018

3 Storey | Music Review - Bandook

MUSIC: Clinton Cerejo, Amjad Nadeem
Lyrics: Puneet Krishna, Shellee Coley MusicAlaukik Rahi, Amjad Nadeem, Pushaan Mukherjee

1. Bas Tu Hai: It’s always a joy to hear a Clinton Cerejo- Arijit Singhh collaboration. Added bonus is Jonita Gandhi on this track. This one is beautiful, magical, bittersweet, poignant… it takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Puneet Krishna’s verse make this a winning affair.

2. RaasLeela: It starts out all Pari Hoon Main-like. And then once the chorus starts in, you understand that it was temporary and the song by Amjad-Nadeem finds its feet on this garba track, sung by Sumedha Karmahe. Lyrics by Alaukik Rahi and Amjad-Nadeem.
3. Aazaadiyaan: It’s a slow cruiser of a song by Clinton Cerejo, who’s also on vocal duty here, accompanied by Bianca Gomes. Lyrics by Shellee. Interesting instrumental arrangement with electronic and organic sounds.
4. Zaroori Bewakoofi: Shon Pinto’s laidback guitar-playing leads you into an upbeat track, sung by Mohit Chauhan with additional vocals by Vivienne Pocha, Crystal Sequeira and Bianca Gomes. Also, don’t miss composer Clinton Cerejo on vocal trumpet (yes, that’s not an actual trumpet you’re hearing on this track)!

VERDICT: Clinton Cerejo outdoes himself on the three tracks on this album. He keeps it experimental as well as relevant. Raasleela isn’t bad, but doesn’t feel up to the mark.


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