10 things we hated about Clash Boy

By Bandook - June 20, 2018

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Why it’s the worst music video you’ll see this week

1. Even if it is play-acting, getting 13-year-olds to do menial labour as is shown in the video, IS child labour.
2. You’re either talented or you’re not (nothing ‘enigmatic’ about it). Being 13 and rapping about being violent doesn’t send the right message out, AddyBoy.
3. How young can one be to be able to legally mouth the words ‘your house or my place without getting into trouble?
4. Shobayy’s music is just about alright, but if it takes two to come up with crappy lyrics like what you hear in this video, we’re better off with an instrumental version.
5. Video director Nitesh Sinha seems to think it’s cool for kids these days to think videos like this these are cool and the norm. They’re not, they’re just someone’s twisted fantasy.
6. Eimee Bajwa’s singing portions are better, but last a few seconds and they only serve to establish the fact that Addyboy is a ‘Clash Boy’, whatever that is.
7. Addyboy talks about speeding in his car, who’s the smart person who decided this kid was old enough to talk about driving a car in the first place?
8. Yes, we know the kid can rap, but do we really need the whole experience to be this cringe-worthy?
9. There’s something overly creepy about getting kids to perform roles meant for adults.
10. We’re not running out of reasons, but we believe you’ve kinda got our point by now.


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