३सवाल WITH Nikhita Gandhi

By Bryan Durham - March 8, 2018

३सवाल WITH Nikhita Gandhi

It’s one of those things you miss, if it doesn’t show up on your timelines or if you don’t read about it. But there’s a thought uprising happening in some parts of the world and women, who were being suppressed in certain countries like Iran have started asserting themselves and protesting in whatever way they can.

We recently found out that the #Raabta#Ghar singer was part of a two-part project with Iranian-origin rapper #Ahdi. We asked her, this Women’s Day to speak on the track and what it means to her…

You recently featured on Bi Bonbast, a #Farsi song for rapper Ahdi. Tell us what the song is about, conceptually? Does this song hold a special meaning for you today?
Bi Bonbast is a song Ahdi and I worked on together. It’s actually Part II of a song that we had done earlier as well. There’s this uprising, so to speak, that’s been happening in Iran (where Ahdi’s from), where women are kind of, tired of being told to cover themselves in public all the time. Not everyone follows Islam in Iran, though that is the rule of the land. It’s a sensitive issue and I was excited and at the same time, nervous to be a part of. But it’s high time we express ourselves in whatever way we can, to support the women of Iran, to support women everywhere. I sing the theme part of the song and Ahdi’s rap is two-fold. The first part of his rap is the male perspective (govt, police, people who have been forcing women to practise, hijab) and plays out all chauvinistic and hurtful and mean. The second part is the women’s perspective, the eye-opening part where we talk about how messed up this imbalance is and this is an important song to both of us, because it may be concentrated to a particular issue in Iran but it applies to women everywhere. That’s the sentiment behind the song.

How did you and Ahdi end up collaborating? Will you continue collaborating?
Ahdi and I go way back, we’re actually college friends. Both of us did dentistry at the same college. He was a year junior to me. That’s how we met. We were in a college band together. We’ve done a song before this called ‘C which I produced and written. He featured in it, and we shot in Chennai. And it was a theme-related song about cigarettes from two perspectives — the user’s and the cigarette’s.

Will there be a subtitled video up for Bi Bonbast? This song sounds powerful!
I hope Ahdi translates it and we do come out with a video but more on that later. We’re in talks to create a video so people can understand it visually and through subtitles.


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